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Where Humor and Mindfulness Connect

Lightfulness: A practice engaging the lighter side of Being as a skillful tool for connection, spontaneous communication, and resiliency.

-Light as in lightness, lightheartedness, humorous; the opposite of heavy, serious.
-Fullness as in Awareness, especially interactive
   (a.k.a. allo-centric mindfulness)


Lightfulness offers:  a sense of well being, resiliency, stress release, emotionally-intelligent communication tools, conflict resolution, effective collaboration, fun.

“Your work is still working.  Very powerful stuff. Thank you!!”

Independent  Consultant, IT

“I loved the definition of ‘levity’ as a lightness. Humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

Technical Writer, Dolby Labs

Lightfulness @ Work

  Team Building, Team Training
Self Care/Resilience/Mindfulness


Lightfulness Training emphasizes individual well-being and team cohesiveness to create a workplace where collaboration will flourish, favoring creative solutions over arguments. At the heart of the strategy is giving co-workers tools and resources where lightness, empathy and humor can be shared in the workplace.  Lightfulness Trainings are also great for stress reduction, as mindfulness trainings, and a good amount of fun.

Training offerings include a series of short sessions, a longer 2 to 3 hour session, or as an ongoing practice


These companies have benifitted:  Calsoft, Comcast, Dolby, Mattel, Médecins Du Monde, PayPal…



  • Individual Well-being
  • Effective Team Collaboration
  • Emotionally Intelligent Connections
  • Lightness and Awareness in Communication
  • Resilience and Humor in Challenging Situations


  • Qi Gong
  • Physical Theater Expression
  • Vocal Expression
  • Humorous Expression
  • Awareness Work: Shintaido,  Butoh walks, Meditation, Juggling, Balancing
  • Theatrical Improvisations, Theater Games
  • Lightfulness Improvisations
“Lightfulness really helped me see a completely different side of my teammates, which is rarely possible in usual work environments….this was very beneficial”

Paypal Open-Source team


“Taking humor seriously enables people to not take themselves too seriously”

Nocando, Zen teacher


“Who could know that this would be such a valuable team building experience? It had more impact than a ropes course or any previous team training I have done”

Programs and Marketing Director, Non-profit

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