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Lightfulness: A practice engaging the lighter side of Being as a skillful tool for connection, spontaneous communication, and resiliency.

-Light as in lightness, lightheartedness, humorous; the opposite of heavy, serious.
-fullness as in Awareness, especially outwards:allo-centric mindfulness, menmitsu-taking care.

Lightfulness offers benefits at many levels simultaneously:
-For the individual: a sense of well being, resiliency, stress release, emotionally-intelligent communication tools.
-In working environments:  centering, stress-releasing, facilitating communication, dissolving tensions, developing tools for more effective collaboration. The trainings also happen to be a lot of fun.

Shared humor is a great way to open, and deepen connection with others. Lightness is on the quieter side of the humor spectrum, focusing more on sharing the inner smile than the loud laugh. A sideways glance, a shrug, a humorous inflection in one’s voice often says more than any witty statement. While wit and jokes demand jovial engagement, lightness invites more subtle interaction. When the offering is lighter, with less energy going out, there is more room to hear the energies coming in.

Lightfulness trainings are the evolution of  workshops that Moshe Cohen has been offering for the past 20 years. They reflect his more recent work training health care professionals and business teams, investigating the aspects of humor that lead to beneficial human interactions. Focusing on non-verbal expression, constructive humor, and outwards awareness, the trainings develop practices, capacities and skillful tools for embodying lightness.

“Your work is still working.  Very powerful stuff. thank you!!”
“I loved the definition of ‘levity’ as a lightness…humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

Lightfulness @ Work

  Team Building, Team Training, Wellness/Mindfulness Sessions


Lightfulness Training emphasizes individual well-being and team cohesiveness to create a workplace where collaboration will flourish, favoring creative solutions over arguments. At the heart of the strategy is giving co-workers tools and resources where lightness, empathy and humor can be shared in the workplace.  Lightfulness Trainings are also great for stress reduction, as mindfulness trainings, and a good amount of fun.

Trainings can be a series of short sessions, a longer 2 to 3 hour session, or as an ongoing practice


Moshe has worked with:  Calsoft, Comcast, Dolby, Mattel, Médecins Du Monde, PayPal…



  • Individual Well-being
  • Effective Team Collaboration
  • Emotionally Intelligent Connections
  • Lightness and Awareness in Communication
  • Resilience and Humor in Challenging Situations



  • qi gong
  • physical theater expression
  • vocal expression
  • humorous expression
  • awareness work: shintaido,  butoh walks, meditation, juggling, balancing
  • theatrical improvisations, theater games
  • lightfulness improvisations
“Lightfulness really helped me see a completely different side of my teammates, which is rarely possible in usual work environments….this was very beneficial”


“Taking humor seriously enables people to not take themselves too seriously”


“Who could know that this would be such a valuable team building experience? It had more impact than a ropes course or any previous team training I have done”


If life seems a tad bit too serious, and you are seeking skillful tools to lighten things up…

Lightfulness trainings evolve directly from Moshe’s Humor Your Human workshops that he has been teaching internationally for the past 20 years.  Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, developing capacities in Lightfulness offers individuals skillful communication tools, stress release, mindfulness, physical equilibrium and a good amount of fun investigating your funny. The training get you out of your thinking brain,  awakening, activating and enhancing your capacity for humorous expression and lightness. Training awareness and listening, and your ability to connect in a cohesive and authentic manner are significant aspects of the workshops.

Moshe will start offering lightfulness workshops in public workshop contexts, beginning in the fall of 2017. He teaches workshops alone and in collaboration with Zen teachers.  For more information on currently scheduled workshops, please visit his schedule. If you live in the bay area, and wish to inquire about local offerings, please contact him here.

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