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Humor and Lightness for the Workplace

Lightfulness: Engaging one’s lighter side in mindful connection with others.  Originally devised in a year-long team building project with PayPal, these trainings invite participants to channel their sense of humor in improvisational settings and refine that into the lightest possible expression. By engaging inner and outward awareness, participants then develop skillful tools in responsive interaction leading to a more cohesive working environment.

Lightfulness focuses on non-verbal expression (which includes voice, just not language) and active listening.  Personal balance and inner connection are emphasized through practices that include Qi Gong, Tenshingoso, voice work, and butoh (very slow) walks. Comic physical theater improvisations invite participants to develop emotional awareness, and techniques to transform negative feelings (frustration, fear) into a positive force.

Lightfulness trainings are effective in team building as well as for personal enrichment and resiliency. Developed over 25+ years of teaching in the realms of Clown + Zen, Moshe Cohen‘s Lightfulness Trainings have been welcomed enthusiastically by teams from diverse professions such as software engineers, social workers, and care givers.

“Lightfulness really helped me see a completely different side of my teammates, which is rarely possible in usual work environments….this was very beneficial”

Paypal Open-Source team

A wonderfully light-footed day, which I enjoyed a lot! And I take many, small suggestions for everyday professional life to the mindful and humorous dealing with me and clients! Thank you.


We had a very special team day, Through your sympathetic nature and your skills,  humor and lightness has strengthened our team. All of us can take something from the training into our daily work. It feels like a seed has been planted in a different way.
Thank you very much!

Sabine (21.3.18)

Lightfulness @ Work

  Team Building, Team Training

 Lightfulness Training emphasizes individual well-being and team cohesiveness to create a workplace where collaboration will flourish, favoring creative solutions over arguments. At the heart of the strategy is giving co-workers tools and resources so that lightness, empathy and humor are present in the day-to-day. With certain teams, such as with social workers, caregivers….the focus shifts to include interactions beyond the team, with clients, students…here’s a recent post on that…


Resiliency + Stress Release

For individuals and groups working in health care, social work, education and related fields, Lightfulness Training offers strategies for resiliency, stress release + burn-out prevention.  These trainings weave a cohesive fabric  offering individuals practical methods to develop self awareness, transform reaction into responsiveness, and to design simple rituals for self care.

All trainings are designed according to meet team needs, and time constraints. They can be a series of short sessions, a longer one-off training, or as an ongoing practice

Some of the places where Lightfulness is aloft:

“Who could know that this would be such a valuable team building experience? It had more impact than a ropes course or any previous team training I have done”

Programs Director, Humanitarian Non-profit

“One of the best 2 days of my 2017. The other was jumping out of an airplane.”


“Taking humor seriously enables people to not take themselves too seriously”

Nocando, Zen teacher

“I found the exercises you shared really applicable to our work. We sometimes have an idea that we are ‘present’ but in reality just think that we are. I think any practice that aids us in getting into the right hand brain is vital and frankly delicious! So thanks again! ”

Suzie F. Artistic Director. Hearts&Minds

“I loved the definition of ‘levity’ as a lightness. Humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

Technical Writer, Dolby Labs

“Moshe has a wonderful energy and really embodies the lightfulness with much humour and sensitivity. It’s a great opportunity, don’t miss it!”


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