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A little show at the Albergue de Iztapalap

    Mexico City October 31st Today’s show was in the Albergue de Iztapalap, on the outer skirts of MexicoCity, an area right on the fault line. I’m solo today, with Epi and Adriana from the Centro Cultural Helenico making it happen from a logistics point of view....

Albergue Multifamiliar Tlalpan. Mexico.10.26.17

Several little streets are blocked off in the Tlalpan neighborhood of Mexico City as we approach the albergue (shelter) for Sharon’s 13th birthday party. Numerous rows of apartment buildings are bathed in yellow caution tape, and various small encampments of tents...

What is Lightfulness?

……The term Lightfulness came to my mind last fall as a result of the work I had been doing with PayPal’s open source group in weekly team building/training sessions. The trainings were a success, as humor, lightness and juggling created a more enjoyable AND more communicative environment. Team members developed methods to express and work through stress, tensions and conflicts ….