“Taking humor seriously enables people to not take themselves too seriously”


Online in These Corona Times
Drop In Work Zoom-shops
Sheltering with Lightfulness
Tuesday and Sundays
9am Pacific Coast Time (GMT-7)


please contact me to register (registration closes ~30 minutes before the session)


These are challenging times for many of us, these times of Corona. Perhaps you are finding it challenging to stay in touch with your ‘joie de vivre,’ your joy of being alive.  If yours is hiding out and/or not as available as you’d like, I’m offering these drop-in  ‘zoomshops’ to break out of the isolation blues and awaken, enliven your sheltering being.

“Thanks so much for this zoomshop Moshe……it was centering,uplifting and fun….and inspiring”


These sessions are a combination of mindful movement practices and simple humorous expression moments based in aspects of clown and mime. Emphasis is placed on connecting and non-verbally activating one’s sense of enjoyment and the feeling of lightness, both in body and spirit.


  • Take a break from this pandemic!!
  • Inject a bit of lightfulness into your isolation atmosphere!
  • Calm your thinking mind
  • Awaken Awareness
  • Activate Body, Voice
  • Activate physical expression
  • Activate humorous expression
  • Inject Lightness into the sheltered experience

Please contact me for the invite

Some of the places where Lightfulness is aloft:

“Thank you!  We had a fabulous time. You were genuinely quoted by most of the team as the high point of the day”

L.H. Senior Director, Paypal

“I found the exercises you shared really applicable to our work. We sometimes have an idea that we are ‘present’ but in reality just think that we are. I think any practice that aids us in getting into the right hand brain is vital and frankly delicious! So thanks again! ”

Suzie F. Artistic Director. Hearts&Minds

“Who could know that this would be such a valuable team building experience? It had more impact than a ropes course or any previous team training I have done”

Programs Director, Humanitarian NGO

Lightfulness evolved during a year-long team building project with PayPal’s Open Source Team (2015-2016.)  Responding to the request to improve the collaborative energies in the group, and increase the fun quotient, Moshe Cohen adapted exercises from his public Clown + Zen workshops to engage the team in mindfulness, humor, and inner and outer connection.

As a team-building practice, we worked at PayPal with Moshe once a week for a year. He helped us learn to rely upon and trust one another through juggling, meditation, improvisation and in general all the techniques he collectively calls “Lightfulness Training”….Undertaking this training allowed me as the group manager to counteract the forces of formalism and strict reporting hierarchy to create a team of peers who each were equipped to take on any of the work of helping foster cultural change in a very old school company.

Danese Cooper, former Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, PayPal.


Practical aspects of lightfulness trainings include:

-Practices inviting lightness and humor into non-verbal expression
-Mindfulness practices, sitting meditation
-Movement practices: chi gong, feldenkreis, and juggling
-Physical theater and comedy improvisations
-External  & interactive mindfulness practices
-Active listening skills
-Collaborative communication skills 
-Public speaking and presentation skills
-Stress release and resiliency practices
-Personal lightfulness practices and rituals

“I loved the definition of ‘levity’ as a lightness. Humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

Edith, Technical Writing Team, Dolby Labs

“Moshe is a fantastic teacher and guide. He teaches many useful concepts like complicity in the eyes and inviting lightness that I intend to use in everyday life.”


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“Lightfulness really helped me see a completely different side of my teammates, which is rarely possible in usual work environments….this was very beneficial”

Rohit, Paypal Open-Source team

A wonderfully light-footed day, which I enjoyed a lot! And I take many, small suggestions for everyday professional life to the mindful and humorous dealing with me and clients! Thank you.

Irmgard, Psychologist

We had a very special team day, Through your sympathetic nature and your skills,  humor and lightness has strengthened our team. All of us can take something from the training into our daily work!

Sabine, Family & Partner Therapist

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