Lightfulness trainings are the evolution of  workshops that Moshe Cohen has been offering for the past 25 years. They reflect his more recent work leading team training with  software engineers, therapists, social workers and teachers.  Focusing on non-verbal expression, constructive humor, and outward awareness, the trainings develop practices and skillful tools for embodying lightness in the workplace.

“Your work is still working.  Very powerful stuff. thank you!!”

About Moshe:

Ever since Zen Master Bernie Glassman came to study Clown with him in 1998, Moshe continues to evolve his teaching practice in how to use humor off-stage, in working & every-day life. Moshe performs his Mr. YooWho show and teach workshops internationally. He plays a supporting role in Dorris Dörrie’s latest feature film, Fukushima mon Amour. His training includes Physical Theater, European Clowning, Voice work, Traditional Japanese Theatre, Butoh Dance, Juggling, Mime, Closeup Magic & 18+ years of Zazen.

For more information about Moshe, visit moshecohen.net

He also writes about the connections between Clown and Zen at clownzen.com