“Your work is still working.  Very powerful stuff. thank you!!”

About Moshe:

Moshe Cohen is an internationally renowned teacher and performing artist, the founder of Clowns Without Borders-USA and co-founder of the Zen Order of Disorder (OD), where he is known by his OD name YooWho. He teaches and performs in the US, across Europe, and around the world (all told, in over 40+ countries)… When he is home in San Francisco, he works as a medical clown, a member of the Clown Conservatory faculty and offers lightfulness trainings in the working world.

Some of the roots of Moshe’s current projects related to Lightfulness and mindful collaboration began in 1999, when Zen Master Bernie Glassman came to study with Moshe, soon guiding Moshe toward integrating aspects of Zen and Clowning. Since then, Moshe has been teaching in an ever-widening circle of Zen centers and Spiritual retreat centers, Theater and Clown schools, and for Health-Care Clown organizations. He also applies these methods to professional development and leadership development trainings in the working world. Moshe focuses on helping participants to source their inner joy, non-verbal humor and lightness to create mindful, collaborative communication, and personal well-being.

After quitting his job at Merrill Lynch (1983), Moshe’s early career as a street performer quickly expanded and evolved, touring his Mr. YooWho show for many years to major festivals and theaters worldwide. Although his main focus these days is on teaching, he continues to perform occasionally. Alongside his solo work, he has performed with Cirque Do Somethin’, Clown Conspiracy, A Traveling Jewish Theater, lesser mortals, collaborated in many circus/variety shows and in over 30 Clowns Without Borders projects.

Moshe has trained with some of the world’s most innovative and respected physical theater, clowns, and Zen teachers from Montreal, Paris and San Francisco, to Antwerp, Maleragues, Yokohama, Vancouver, Berkeley, Tokyo and Kyoto, including extensive and long-term study with Sigfrido Aguilar, Richard Pochinko, Monica Pagneux, Phillipe Gaulier, Bernie Glassman and Wendy Egyoku Nakao. His formal training includes Butoh Dance, Sacred Clown, Kyogen, Kabuki, Taoist Health Exercises, Closeup Magic, European Clowning, Juggling, Mime, Physical Theatre, Traditional Japanese Theatre and voice.

Moshe remains an active participant of and Board Member of Clowns Without Borders. He is fluent in French, Spanish, German and English. He lives in San Francisco and is currently working on a book with author Bonnie Nadzam about the art of Sacred Mischief.

For more information about Moshe, visit moshecohen.net

He also writes about the connections between Clown and Zen at clownzen.com