Being (Not Thinking) Outside the Box

Lately I’ve been musing about the expression “Thinking outside the box.  ” It seems that it is totally wrong, I mean you just can’t think your self out of a box!!  A little research brought me to several web pages that discuss this concept.Here is one definition: ...

Meditation, Resilience and Clowns

When I talk to Sandra after the workshop, to ask how it went, she tells me she has never seen some of the participants smile before, let alone laugh. I hadn’t considered that possibility earlier in the day, though I did note a few faces that were slow to thaw into humorous expression….

Trainings for Social Workers

Lightfulness is officially a bit over a year old, unofficially it’s been in evolution for quite some time. This spring, I offered 5 trainings in Flensburg (D), 3 day-long trainings with teams of social workers, as well as two half-day sessions with elementary school...

Finding Lightfulness, a post from Sally Fox

Sally Fox, one of the participants in the recent Seattle Lightfulness workshop (12.17.17) just published a blog post that describes her experiences and points of view.  Here is an excerpt and a link to the whole post. “The group of us attending his workshop at...

What is Lightfulness?

……The term Lightfulness came to my mind last fall as a result of the work I had been doing with PayPal’s open source group in weekly team building/training sessions. The trainings were a success, as humor, lightness and juggling created a more enjoyable AND more communicative environment. Team members developed methods to express and work through stress, tensions and conflicts ….